Mini Jazz rosters around the league

I was thinking back when Chicago was basically Utah Jazz 2.0 when they had Boozer, Korver and Brewer while D Will and AK were in Brooklyn. Now I feel the same way as I look around the league

ATL has Millsap, Korver and Carroll

CHA has Al Jefferson, Mo Williams and Marvin Williams

DAL has D Harris and R Jefferson

LAL has Boozer and R Price

POR had Matthews and Price

ATL has definately made out the best with former Jazz talent. Millsap and Matthews would be the only guys on the list I would start tomorrow if any of them were to return to Utah, but I honestly wouldn't mind Devin Harris and Boozer coming off the bench at this point in their careers.

How would this roster do today??

Starters - Harris-Matthews-Hayward-Millsap-Favors (4 guys make up for D Harris lack of defense)

Bench - Burks-Korver-D Carroll-Boozer-Gobert (3 guys make up for lack of Korver and Boozers defense)

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