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A Break from Basketball - The Downbeat #1551

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With the finish of the Skills Challenge on Saturday, the real mid-season break began. With no Jazz players participating on Sunday, we will have had five days without basketball, as the Jazz don't play again until Friday against Portland. What will you do with your evenings?

Congratulations to CJ Miles and his fiancee Lauren. People had (and for some reason still have) strong feelings about CJ's time as a Jazzman, but regardless of how you felt about his play, he has been one of the most open and accessible players to ever put on the uniform.

CJ remains a good follow on Twitter or Tumblr. He wears his heart on his sleeve sometimes, which is endearing. He still has a good relationship with many Jazz fans and you can tell he maintains an affinity for the team.

Lauren was a great Jazz booster when she and CJ were dating, while he played here. They had their ups and downs, ons and offs, but it's great to see them happy. We won't hold it against Lauren that she's a Spurs fan.

Just in time for this morning's DB, Zach Lowe published a huge article on the fast-approaching trade deadline. He segue's from Toronto's needs, straight into several paragraphs on Kanter.

It’s tempting to suggest a Utah-Toronto deal revolving around Ross and the ornery Enes Kanter, a swap that could in theory balance out both rosters in the right places.

Ross's shooting is down a bit this year, but he could be worth a look for the Jazz, who (as we all know) are hurting for wing players.

So far the only real Trade Deadline news has been the buyout of Amar'e Stoudemire and the potential buyout of Larry Sanders. That's pretty quiet for this time of year, but this year has seen moves made throughout the season, rather than concentrated in a 48hr. period. There's still potential for there to be a flurry of activity with just 2 games separating teams 3-7 and just 1.5 games between the teams fighting for the 8th spot in the Western Conference playoffs.

As for the Jazz? I'm standing behind my prediction, even in light of the Kanter news.

  • The Jazz will do nothing.

Rudy is hilarious on Twitter. Rudy will likely be censored on Twitter soon, just like Enes was. I'm not going to post the tweet here, because there's maybe an off-chance (there's not) that the Jazz haven't seen it, but Rudy's tongue-in-cheek (NOT A PUN) tweet about Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj was gold. It has since been deleted, but at one point it had over 3k retweets and 2k favorites. That is a ton of exposure for the Jazz and it is awesome.