Lottery Tweak - The Gubihero Version

I for one believe that the current lottery system isn't that bad, but it rewards tanking so it's not perfect. The tweak that I'm thinking of would remove multi year tanking. In my system, the odds remain the same however the lottery is expanded to include the first 5 picks. On top of that if a team wins any of the spots in the lottery they are barred from winning again for a set number of years (by the way this would also prevent the clevelands of the world from getting 3 number one picks in 4 years). The years barred would be thus. If you win the 1st pick, you are barred from the lottery for five years, the 2nd pick gets you barred for 4 years, the 3rd for 3 years, the 4th for 2, and the 5th pick kicks you out for 1. The way this would work is that even if you are the worst team, the best you can get is the 6th pick. This prevents tanking while you are barred because what's the point of assembling a philadelphia level dumpster fire if you know you can't get any higher than 6th the next year. This also would spread the top picks around due to the fact that after a couple years a majority of lottery bound teams wouldn't be eligible for the top slots so those teams that haven't been shined upon by lady luck would more than likely get a top spot. I believe this prevents teams from getting multiple super high picks in consecutive years and spreads the glory around for everyone. If the first 5 picks is too restrictive than maybe only the top 4 or 3 picks, and change the year ban appropriately. One other stipulation is that you can still win the lottery with someone else's pick who hasn't won recently. This is because it's their own fault if they are gonna give up their first round pick. I really think this is a viable option, but the question is, what do you think?

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