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NBA Trade Deadline 2015: Utah Jazz Jam Session

A small round-table of Jazzy opinions

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while, so here's a Utah Jazz themed Jazz Jam session. What are we talking about today? The Trade Deadline, what else, right? Let's get to it!

1. If you were the GM, would you trade Enes Kanter?

TazzJazzFan: Only if we have Ante Tomic 100% locked in to join the club next season. Otherwise I think we are too thin on the front line to give up Enes for anything less than another big, like Aron Baynes.

YuccaMan: I would do what I could to find the right guy. I have long thought that the ideal third big should be smaller, faster, and make more sense matched up against the likes of Ryan Anderson, the Morrii, etc. That's why it made sense to me to keep Millsap with Kanter and Derrick Favors back in the day. It's why I think Kanter is not the right fit with Favors and Rudy Gobert being the obvious front court pairing from here on out. Kanter simply doesn't bring with him the right counterpoint skills and physical attributes to be the right guy.

However, Kanter is a quality player. I genuinely like him, and I think he's still getting better. I honestly have nothing against Kanter ... I just think he's the wrong guy to round out the big rotation with Favors and Rudy playing like they do. I also think that it is a huge mistake for rebuilding teams to just let quality players walk away for nothing. If he's not going the be the ideal fit (and he's not), then they need to make a trade to try to find the right guy.

JuMu: Complicated question. Depends what Enes Kanter is likely to get in RFA, right now I would guess around $12M/year (which in all likelihood, is completely off). Unless it looks fairly likely that Kanter is going to be offered a max deal or near max, then the Jazz have little to lose from hanging on to him.


2. If not Kanter, would you trade anyone else instead?

TazzJazzFan: I'd like to see the Jazz hold firm and keep the team together all year

YuccaMan: Trevor Booker is my choice. Despite the fun and obvious good his energy does, I just don't think he's a real building piece ... not even as the 3rd big in the rotation.

JuMu: I think our roster makes sense right now for a developing squad. Trading Trey Burke + Trevor Booker + 1st rounders for Ty Lawson would be my vote. (There's a reason why I'm not the GM)


3. Which player on another team that you keep hearing rumors about would you want to trade for?

TazzJazzFan: Patrick Mills. Aron Baynes. Matthew Dellavedova. Cameron Bairstow. Andrew Bogut.

YuccaMan: I've had a major thing for Goran Dragic for a long time. I have no problem with Dante Exum backing up a quality PG for a year or two. And while I'm not giving up on Trey Burke, the odds of him ever becoming as effective as the Dragon is very remote. I'd make Dragic the starting PG, try to convince him to hold off Free Agency until the madness of 2016, and enjoy the ride.

JuMu: Oh, looks like I already answered that. I would say a top 20 point guard in the league either in the middle or towards the end of their prime such that they can mentor Exum and/or Burke into being our PGOTF in a couple seasons. Also, wouldn't mind a 3 & D power forward.


4. Which player would you HATE on the Jazz?

TazzJazzFan: J.R. Smith. *shudders*

YuccaMan: I second J.R. Smith. Also Nick Young.

JuMu: Kobe Bryant or Jimmer Fredette, blech


5. Will the Jazz make a trade before the deadline?

TazzJazzFan: No.

YuccaMan: I'm going to be bold. Yes, they do.

JuMu: 10% chance


Thanks everyone for participating! Readers, what's your say? Jam with us!