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The Downbeat #1555: The Day After Enes Kanter Was Traded Edition

The Jazz made a trade at the deadline. I know its not your KOC Jazz anymore.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Another draft day deadline another boring exciting day for the Jazz. Being in class all day caused me to be pretty much left in the dark. I received a text from Amar when it went down so I did know it happened. I however haven't been able to catch up on all the tweets etc.

It seems like our community at SLC Dunk had A LOT to say about the trade. Checking SLC Dunk for the first time for the day (Thursday) I see this.

kanter trade 1

Well done. Well done.

I haven't had too much time to process the trade or read everyone's opinion. My initial reaction was yuck, yuck. Why would you trade a #3 pick for financial flexibility?....

I do have trust though in Dennis Lindsey and Quin Snyder. It makes me sad, however, that things didn't work out with Enes. I love Enes. He had such a positive and happy personality.

But it seriously is a yuck yuck situation when you have to trade a #3 pick on their rookie contract.

Layton explained it best of what's sad about this trade.


I agree 100% with Layton.

K. Pelton is more excited about the trade for the Jazz than I am.  Pelton gave the Jazz an A-

Quick take on what Dennis Lindsey had to say about the trade:

Jody added more of Lindsey's  thoughts and other Jazz personnel's feelings from practice:

I get why the Jazz did this. It is much better to get what you can for Kanter then not being able to trade him this summer.  Avoid the drama of RFA too. I am glad they got some assets. Its just man, I am tired of draft picks and salary dumps. But hey if it makes us players this summer, YAY! I am ready to get this show on the road. I want to see wins and playoffs.

I know that my fellow writers at SLC Dunk are happy about this trade. They know a lot more about draft picks, future assets etc, so I know I'll eventually come around. My heart tends to take a little longer to say goodbye to sweet players like Enes.

Enes we will always love you at SLC Dunk, and wish you the very best in OKC.

Oh by the way the Jazz finally play again tonight. It has been FOREVER! I am excited to watch the Jazz. I am excited to see Gobert starting. The Jazz will take on the Portland Trail Blazers at home. I am predicting a win.