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Bulls, Cavaliers, Clippers to fight over Kendrick Perkins

Sometimes it's just nice to feel wanted

Elsa/Getty Images

Utah Jazz bigman, Kendrick Perkins, was recently acquired in a three team trade between the Jazz, Detroit Pistons, and Oklahoma City Thunder. He's not even going to show up to Brian Zettler's office and pick up a pair of sweatpants on his way out though as he is to be bought out by the team. Perk, in the last year of his contract, is earning $9.654 million this season. While he was a member of the Thunder for 53 of their 82 games this season (64.63%) it can be assumed* that he made about $6.240 million of that $9+ number. It appears as though the Jazz are on the hook for $3.414 million. Furthermore, Perk has no impetus to give the Jazz a break and negotiate for a lower number.

The Jazz have no design on playing him, so it's not like he's upset about it. As long as he is released before he can sign on with another team for a playoff run he'll be good. (Of course, the Jazz could "Raja Bell" him, and release him the day after that threshold.)

I expect the news of his full buy-out to be released sometime in the next few days. And then the real fun starts. According to multiple sources Perkins is being courted by the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Perkins has suggested that he wants to go back to Dallas, but Mavericks bigwigs are not interested.

So . . . where will Perk be in a month?

* Maybe I shouldn't assume so much