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Play one-day fantasy hoops Jazz fans, and win precisely thousands of dollars!

For only as low as $2 you -- yes YOU -- could win $10,000 !!! #GetThatMoney

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

So the All-star break is over, and the NBA Trade Deadline has passed. We saw some action last night (2 games), but this is the real deal. Get in this contest, and win that money. It's simple. How do I do it?


  1. Click here to join Friday's FanDuel tournament.
  2. Enter for $2
  3. Set your lineup (hint: take Rudy Gobert)
  4. Get that money

For reals, though. If you win you win $10,000. That's huuuge. That's like trading away some nonsense and Kendrick Perkins for a #3 draft pick who is only going to get better.


Sign up gals and guys, and get that money.