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Utah Jazz buyout Kendrick Perkins, will sign with Cleveland Cavaliers

"I will remember you . . . " - Sarah McLachlan

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Utah Jazz have completed the contract buyout with recently acquired center Kendrick Perkins. Furthermore, Perkins has made his mind on which team to join. So long Los Angeles Clippers and Chicago Bulls, but you'll have to tangle with him as a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers now.

Yes. So first of all, so long Kendrick. I will never forget how you probably didn't even book a ticket to Utah.

[ED. NOOOPE. Disregard the next paragraph -- I made an error and miscounted which players were on the roster. No need to add anyone. We're at 13 already.]

This news DOES have Jazzy implications. The team now has 12 players under contract, and the league minimum is 13. So before the team plays again (on Monday, against the San Antonio Spurs) they'll have to sign another player. While the team has had a revolving door at the wing spots of late the recent threat of "what happens to the Jazz if Derrick Favors or Rudy Gobert is in foul trouble" makes me hope the team goes for a bigman. Yes, Grant Jerrett should at some stage come over, pass his physical, and be ready to play. But I'm not sold on him being a part of our rotation right now.

So who will be the Jazz' 13th player?