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Play Fantasy Basketball, win thousands!

Win thousands!

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I wish Jazz photographers took shots like this
I wish Jazz photographers took shots like this
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's a big night for FanDuel players. Gotta get in there quickly and set up your line-ups. There are a bunch of interesting games to watch, starting with our Utah Jazz hosting the Sacramento Kings. Also on deck tonight you have the Chicago Bulls @ New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors @ New York Knicks (go with Dub guards), and the Portland Trail Blazers @ the Dallas Mavericks. I don't have a lot of advice on how to win this stuff, but my strategy would be to target players going up against the worst defenses out there. In that case you may want to look at Charlotte Hornets players, as they face the Philadelphia 76ers tonight. Oh wait, they actually are solid on defense. Okay, well, we know the JAZZ have been playing better defense of late . . . but can we stop Rudy Gay? (God, I hope we can...)

Anyway, click here to join a tournament tonight at FanDuel, SB Nation's fantasy partner, for just $2 and play for a chance to win $150,000! If you are not already a member of FanDuel, click here and you'll get a 100% first-time matching deposit bonus (up to $200) exclusive to SB Nation readers.