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Jazz wing Gordon Hayward is . . . slumping?

He's the best player on the Utah Jazz, and with all his great player this season the expectations have also risen

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There's no doubt that Gordon Hayward is the best player on the Utah Jazz. Without him they struggle to beat the New York Knicks, and with him they can beat the best teams in the NBA at home and on the road. He's the alpha dog. The go to guy. In crunch time we've seen him make great plays on both ends of the court. And as a max money player he is worth every penny. But with all of his greatness the expectations also have to rise. If we call him an All-Star snub, which he very well was this last February, then we also have to have All-Star expectations.

And in the most insane, small sample-size of all time (10 games), he's got to get back to work! Or else, well, or else nothing. He's still our best player. His starting spot is as guaranteed as his money. And we still all cheer for him every time he steps on the court. It's just that when you compared Gordon of the last 10 games to the Gordon of the last 20 or 30, he pales in comparison.

Gordon Hayward 30 20 10

There are no serious complaints. I just wanted to look at his numbers for the last few games. His three point shooting is a little down, as are his minutes per game. Everything else is fine. He's still the best player on our team and a legit first option / star.

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