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The Rocky Mountain Revue Non-Update Update Edition - The Downbeat - #1585

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the latest on the still-dead-but-possibly-to-be-resuscitated Rocky Mountain Revue, via Randy Rigby:

Well, I could say this, that I would hope that our fans would not make any of their vacation plans yet, so that they could keep some time open. We're working hard with the league in trying to see if we can get this thing finalized, and dot the i's and cross the t's in making sure that it's a right thing for the league, for ourselves, and for the fan base.

I made a commitment to, this is something that we feel strong that we wanna have back in our community, and we're really, and we have the support from the Miller family. We have the support from, Dennis has done some great work as well, and Justin, in helping trying to get this put together, and we're pushing to see if we can get to a finish line here, so stay tuned.

It's previously been reported that if brought back, the RMR would likely consist of just five teams: the Jazz, a D-League team, an international team and maybe two NBA teams.

For those of you living in Utah, within driving distance of Utah, and rich folks with lots of spare time that would fly to Utah watch the RMR, does the lack of NBA participation dampen your excitement for the RMR, or is any RMR better than no RMR?

ICYMI, here's an update on the Utah vs. Duke trashing talking as it pertains to the Utah Jazz coaching staff and Rodney Hood:

Why have the Jazz lost four of five?

--bad luck


--the rally churro thing

--those three @$#%@^#$^#$^% late games in a row


--other (specify in comments)

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hay joe

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