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Enes Kanter Candidly Shares How Unhappy He Was With the Utah Jazz

Mic drop. Enes Kanter shares all.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight Enes Kanter will take on his former team the Utah Jazz. Today at shoot around he had some things to say about his 3.5 years with the team that drafted him. For a full audio Tony Parks from the Zone has you covered. You can listen to it here: Full MP3 Audio of Enes Kanter.

Here are some quotes from the audio:

Many fans on Twitter seem to be upset with what Enes said. Many seem to agree with Enes but didn't think it was professional of him to share his feelings how and where he did. Others have no issues with what he said and how he did it. I am the latter group. I think Enes has every right to share his feelings about the first 3.5 years of his NBA career.

We all know it was a dark, dark time with the Jazz after Jerry Sloan left. Why the Jazz continued to support Tyrone Corbin over their players I will never know. I am happy Enes is in a good place now with a team that supports him. I am happy that the Jazz have moved on from the KOC/Ty era. I think that Dennis Lindsey and Quin Snyder will once again bring the winning culture back to the team. Winning solves all ills. There hopefully won't be the Jazz PR machine cranking out foolishness to defend a poor NBA head coach's decisions.

Kudos to Enes for speaking his mind. I have high hopes that Dennis Lindsey is changing the Jazz culture. He is hopefully making it so we have a team to be proud of once more.