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Utah Jazz 84, Boston Celtics 85 - Inbounds Play of Doom kills Jazz


Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really know what to write about this game.

But I keep thinking about one thing: Rudy Gobert, guarding the inbounds pass, came within inches of blocking that shot 1.7 seconds later.

I think that's what I care about most. There's a lot I love about our current Jazz team. Hayward is boss. Favors is becoming a fantastic player. But I'm not sure anyone has the kind of angry, fierce competitiveness that Rudy Gobert has. They certainly don't in such an obvious, visible way.

And that surly competitiveness is something I love. Deron had it (in the best of times). Malone had it. Stockton had it. That desperate drive to run 1/3 of the court in under two seconds because you do NOT want to lose.

As for the game, it was a tough one. Jazz did not look sharp ... ever. Celtics had a rough time. But thankfully, something wonderful happens when a team shows some nasty defensively: it can survive nights than nothing is clicking right. And sure the Celtics won tonight, but whatever. In many ways I'm not sure the Jazz should have been in that game. But they were, and it's because no matter how ugly things get on the offensive side, they are making the opponents work through a murderous defense.

As far as contributions go: Gobert was mean, Favors looked fantastic at times, and Hayward struggled to get open shots with people ... you know ... grabbing, pushing, body-checking, slapping, elbowing, shouldering, hipping every time down the court. He has looked a little beat up to me. At the same time, that shot that should have won the game was incredible. You keep doing what you're doing, Gordo. Trey killed me with a few of his misses, made me jump up with some of his makes. And Hood made some good shots and made some boneheaded rookie mistakes.

On to Philly.

Yucca out.