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I've spent some time going through various ways the Jazz can fill out the holes in their roster this summer.The needs of the team are 1. A back up Center; ideally a rare 3 and D type would be the perfect fit. 2. Wing depth; With Gordon and Rodney playing well this season and Alec returning the need for added wing depth may be over looked. But if there is something to be learned by what the Warriors have done this season, it is that there is no such thing as too many lengthy athletic wing players. 3. A point guard; Let's face it, Trey has not been a good NBA player so far in his career, and the jury is still out on Dante, the best Jazz point guard in the last 5 years has been Devin Harris, its a problem.

I was going to go into great depth explaining why these are the team needs, and breaking down all the various potential free agent and draft targets, but instead I will just get straight to what I have come to view as a realistic best possible roster for next season. It will become obvious, but I am not in favor of adding vetzz to the team, to me it just doesn't make sense, the core is old enough now.

And so here this is, so as to prevent the need to comment on the DBs all summer.

Players in order of starters and time played ->

Wing rotation

Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, KJ McDaniels.

The addition here is KJ McDaniels, 6'6" 200 lbs 22 year old shooting guard currently a rookie with the Houston Rockets, though will be a restricted free agent this summer. KJ was getting a lot of attention in Philidelphia earlier this year for his defense and athleticism. Evidently the Sixers didn't want to pay him so he was traded to the Rockets where he has played only 24 total minutes for the team, fellow rookie Nick Johnson is playing in front of him. His perceived value is definitely much lower now. McDaniels is also a Clemson Tiger, like Trevor Booker. In a recent interview Trevor was asked how Utah has been for him so far, to which of course he had positive things to say, as well as suggesting he would be able to convince guys to come play for the Jazz, where better to start than a fellow Clemson cub. It would be hard for me to imagine a team willing to pay him more than 5 million a year at this point, the Jazz could do that.

Big rotation

Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, Myles Turner, Trevor Booker.

Myles Turner, 6'11" 240 lbs 7'4" wingspan 19 years old center/forward coming out of Texas. Turner is likely to land in the draft near where the Jazz will be picking. He shoots from outside and can protect the rim, though will be need bulk up and may be somewhat awkward. His athletic upside and defensive potential as well as team fit puts him above similar players who will also be coming off the boards in the late lottery.

Point Guard rotation

Dante Exum, Delon Wright.

Delon Wright, 6'5" 190 lbs 23 year old point guard out of Utah. Could there be a better fit for Quin than Delon? Has good size, plays scrappy defense, and is smart and can create with the ball. Quin has spoken of watching Utah a lot this year and how they play the way he wants his team to play. The play from the point guard position for the Jazz has been agonizing to watch for many years now. Trey simply isn't cutting it, and doesn't seem able to play in a flow system. Adding Delon gives them a guy who can be a solid backup to Dante if he didn't outright steal the spot. Of course drafting Delon would require another move from Dennis Lyndsey similar to the move for Rudy late back into the late first round.

Fillers; Chris Johnson, Bryce Cotton, Jeremy Evans..




Only issue I foresee would be when contracts start coming up if there are many at once, but would have a few years to make a run and see what happens.

Players that are most painful to have to pass on in the draft or free agency for the best over all result

Kelly Oubre Jr (mad selfie game)

Mario Herzonja

Stanley Johnson

Demarre Carroll

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