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Utah Jazz Player of the Week April 5 - 11

Gordon Hayward had another monster week, but who else showed up?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz played four games last week: @ Sacramento Kings (W), vs Sacramento Kings (W), vs. Memphis Grizzlies (L), and @ Portland Trail Blazers (W). Head coach Quin Snyder isn't playing every guy every night, so we're getting more opportunities to evaluate different player combinations, and more simply, which guys still want to go out there and play hard. Looking at the stats this week it's hard to discount the effort of some of our bench guys -- it's just a shame that there isn't enough minutes to give everyone a fair shake. Anyway . . . here's how they fared.

2014 2015 Player of the Week - APRIL 5 to 11

During this week we got a bunch of nice things, like Dante Exum handling the ball more. Rodney Hood looking like Glen Rice at times (* former Jazz player Glen Rice), Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors getting some much deserved time off, and Rudy Gobert continuing to be Rudy Gobert.

Trey Burke played in one game, shot really well (for him), but failed to get any assists. (He's steal tops on the team in total assists, APG, and A/36, AST/100, AST%, and AST:TO ratio though . . . ). Elijah Millsap is showing aggression still, but is obviously a bench player. Joe Ingles is shooting like crazy right now. Trevor Booker (technically a contract year for him) is balling without an equal right now. Jack Cooley is big, but not great.

Bryce Cotton and Jeremy Evans both need more playing time, and I think they are showing why. Chris Johnson is a warm body, Grant Jerrett is a cold one, and Alec Burks is looking to set the world on fire next year.

Two more games this season to play, but before we get there -- who was the player of the week?