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NBA Playoffs 2015: Western Conference Standings -- Who will clinch the last spot?

Two teams are fighting for one spot, who will get it?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Out West, there is one playoff spot left for grabs, the last one. I don't know who is in a rush to go out against the Golden State Warriors, but two teams are raising their hands: the New Orleans Pelicans (8), and the Oklahoma City Thunder (9). Here's their standings right now, on the penultimate night of the NBA regular season.

2014 2015 Penultimate WEST

via. ESPN

  • Life is tough for the Pelicans -- there's only one game left for them and for the Thunder. And the only way New Orleans is in is if they win the next game, or the Thunder lose the next game. NOP hosts the San Antonio Spurs, a team still trying to win games, that has won 11 in a row.
  • The Thunder have it a little easier, they have to face the Minnesota Timberwolves in Minny. Minny has lost 11 in a row.

So who gets it?