To Build A Star Or To Buy A Star, That Is The Question

I have read a lot lately about the Jazz needing another Star to become more competitive and a playoff team.

But the question is whether to build that star or buy that star. The Jazz will have a good amount of cap money they can spend this off season, do they Build or Buy?

John Stockton and Karl Malone are good examples of Stars that were built. The Jazz got them right out of the NBA draft and constructed them into the "Dynamic Duo" they became. Chemistry, Coaching, amazing work ethic and longevity turned them into the Hall of Famers they are today.

Historically, the Jazz have never bought a Star like a Micheal Jordan or a Lebron James they have been content to find the diamonds in the rough to fill key needs at key moments.

I think that the Jazz should stick with Building, Gordon, Rudy and Derrick make a great foundation for a dynamic offense. Gordon is emerging as the Jazz leader, Rudy the Defensive General, and Derrick is the reliable 20 &10 player.

I think these players are the foundation for the future of the Utah Jazz and a great foundation to build upon.

It has been a great season and an entertaining one, I am excited to see what the off season brings.

Go Jazz!

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