My Money Where My Mouth Is

That was a great season. Work was time-consuming, so I didn't have the same ability to be as active here as in the past, but I never missed a downbeat.

Before the season, I predicted most likely 34-35 wins, with a possibility of 40-42 wins if everything clicked just right.

However, I am not predicting wins for next year right now. That has to wait until after free agency.

My wife and I have a yearly tradition when I bet on who the Jazz will draft, and she takes the field. I won in previous years when I predicted us getting Trey Burke (we made the bet before his stock rose in the tournament), and when I predicted Alec Burks.

Given my prowess (Not mentioning all the times I'm wrong--which is every other year ever), I should go with Kevin Durant this year, and see what happens.

But I won't do that. After two years of nailing predictions that were about as likely to get right as making a backwards-facing granny shot from half court, it's time to try to be smart. To jinx myself, I'm posting my prediction here, raising a litter of black cats, building a shrine to Greg Foster, smashing random mirrors in gas-station bathrooms, and pushing over ladders (is that right?).

Now the prediction...

This year, the Jazz will draft Frank Kaminsky. If they don't, I will wear a Ty Corbin jersey for a day, write a love-poem to unicorns, and hang an Enes Kanter Thunder-era poster in my bedroom.

Here's why Frank will soon be a Jazz man:

1. Work ethic/character/intangibles the front office loves; he's Derrick Favors type loyal with Gordon Hayward's midwest work ethic. He's a prefect organizational fit.

2. NBA-ready with room to grow. Out of all potential draft picks, he's the guy who will contribute the most. He's a mature college senior who has worked hard Damian Lillard-style to enter the NBA with a complete game.

3. Fills a position need. His best NBA comp is Memo. I predict a ceiling of Dirk (1% chance). Regardless, he can shoot, he's athletic enough, and he's un-blockable. Snyder's system requires a stretch big, and he can come in and make everything work. With some more athleticism, he might be able to fill back-up minutes at the SF spot.

4. He's a great defender. He averaged 1.5 blocks a game, and is a prolific rebounder for how far away from the basket he would play.

5. He will be the best player available to the Jazz. He will probably get drafted around #12, or slightly before. If so, the Jazz can move up if they want him. I really do believe that because he checks all the organization's check marks, they have already zero-ed in on him.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm cheese-filled Wisconsin welcome to the second coming of Memo Okur. Your newest Jazz man will be Frank Kaminsky.

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