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NBA Playoffs 2015: Spurs and Clippers about to have an ice pick fight tonight

Three games tonight, probably only one worth watching.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a night off, we're back to the NBA Playoffs. The home teams mostly took care of business in the first two games of each of the eight first round series. The Atlanta Hawks (1) won their first two games. The Cleveland Cavaliers (2) won their first two games. The Chicago Bulls (3) won their first two games. The Golden State Warriors (1) won the first two games. The Houston Rockets (2) won their first two games. And the Memphis Grizzlies (5 seed but at home) won the first two games of their series. The only times this did not happen was in the Los Angeles Clippers / San Antonio Spurs series where they split the first two. And the Washington Wizards (5) winning the first two games up there against the Toronto Raptors (4). Last night the Cavaliers, Bulls, and Warriors all took the first game on the road, each of those teams going up 3-0. Are any of these underdogs going to push back tonight? The Dallas Mavericks are down 0-2 to H-town, and need a win tonight. The Raptors need a win badly, and can save a little face if they take one against the Wizards in D.C. And last, but most important game of the night, the Clippers and Spurs tip off in San Antone tonight. There's a slim chance that each of these three series will end tonight 2-1. But there's a 100% chance the LAL @ SAS game will.

  • Rockets (2-0) @ Mavericks (0-2) -- 5:00 PM MT, ESPN
  • Raptors (0-2) @ Wizards (2-0) -- 6:00 PM MT, ESPN2
  • Clippers (1-1) @ Spurs (1-1) -- 7:30 PM MT, ESPN

It's Friday night, and the Utah Jazz aren't playing. So I'm not going to be watching these games.