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Ante Tomic Pulls a Seikaly: The Downbeat #1612

Ante Tomic Spurns Utah ... again.

It had to be you.
It had to be you.
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Go Jazz! @utahjazz @sltrib #jazznation

WHERE'S THE JAZZ LOGO?  Seriously, Utah Jazz & NBA, you won't allow Trey Burke to allow sport one of your teams logos to build your brand?  It's a kid's clinic.  A KID'S CLINIC.

Tomic is kinda the Rony Seikaly of Europe to the @utahjazz

Why Ante Tomic may never join Jazz

There has been talk for several months that Croatian center Ante Tomic might come over to the NBA and join the Utah Jazz next season. Well, that is not longer an option as Tomic is going to sign a new three-year deal with Barcelona, reports El Mundo Deportivo. "At my age this is my last (chance) for the NBA," Tomic, 28, said a few weeks ago. According to the report, Tomic will gross between $2.73 million to $3.28 million annually, which is a great deal for him as he would not get anything close to that from the Jazz. There is no word if the deal includes an "NBA-out" provision. Tomic was the No. 44 selection in the 2008 NBA draft and if he does sign this deal with Barcelona, he will probably never play for the Jazz. With Tomic not coming over, there is a chance the Jazz will try to sign German center Tibor Pleiss, the No. 31 selection in the 2010 NBA draft. The Jazz acquired the rights to Pleiss from Oklahoma City as part of the trade sending out Enes Kanter to the Thunder. Currently, Pleiss is serving as Tomic's backup after signing a two-year contract with Barcelona in August.

I honestly thought Tomic was coming to Utah this year.  I drank the Kool-Aid and so did Amar as he was just about to drop a Bible length post on Tomic minutes until Tomic dropped the news that he was returning to Barcelona.  I truly believe Tomic wanted to prove his worth in the NBA.  I think he saw it as a challenge but I also understand that his wife wasn't a fan of coming over to the states.  You gotta listen to your wife.  That's how you stay happy.  I still think it would be an easy move to the states just because of the multiple languages that are spoken in Utah (half the state has served an LDS mission for crying out loud).  It would have been a great family environment for him as well.  But the Jazz can beg for him to come over either.

Tomic has to come to Utah to fit the dynamic of the locker room.  The Jazz have some amazing chemistry going on, and they would be wise to make sure that whoever comes in can fit that culture.


When Deron Williams is right, man is he right.  And last night he looked right.  I miss seeing this Deron Williams.  I don't despise Deron Williams for how he left Utah anymore.  I just look at him like a kid who made a terrible decision because he thought he wanted the bright lights.  Enjoy Deron Williams looking like the Jazz Deron Williams but under the bright lights of Brooklyn.

Just your friendly reminder that this was Rudy Gobert's highlight tape before he blew up.  Who's getting excited for Rodney Hood and Dante Exum's improvement next year?

I miss Jazz basketball.