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NBA Playoffs 2015: Cavaliers and Rockets will try to even the score

It's much easier to win a series tied 2-2, than to be down 1-3

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow the lower seed is winning each of the four NBA Playoffs semi-finals. The #5 Washington Wizards are upon the #1 Atlanta Hawks. The #5 Memphis Grizzlies are up on the #1 Golden State Warriors. The #3 Los Angeles Clippers are up on the #2 Houston Rockets. And the #3 Chicago Bulls are up on the #2 Cleveland Cavaliers. Each series is 2-1 for the lower seed, and all the Game 4s will be (obviously) played on their home court. It's one thing to make the playoffs, it's another to belong there. It's another thing to work hard in the regular season and get the higher seed; but now we see that when the games that matter actually start mattering -- it's just as easy to lose that home court advantage. For the Cleveland Cavaliers -- a potential NBA Finals team ever since LeBron James decided to "come home" -- and the Houston Rockets, they need to even the score tonight. While the only sure thing is that all teams that win game 7 move on to the other round, we know there is a high probability for those teams that win Game 1, or Game 3, or both. Game four is sometimes a throw-away game, a gentleman's sweep. That usually happens when the higher seed is rolling. Tonight the higher seeds need to get rolling to break even.

Game 4:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers @ Chicago Bulls -- 1:30 PM MT on ABC
  • Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Clippers -- 6:30 PM MT on TNT