Please help me understand

I read a lot to understand the finer points of the game but I have not played in any organized competition since I was 7. So I miss a lot of the strategy that is going on throughout the game. That being said, my question to you all is can Alec Burks play backup point guard in Snyder's system? I know that experiment did not go well with Corbin, but what did go well under Corbin? It seems like Burks could play point guard just as well as Exum played this year if not better. Burks actually drives into the lane and has a higher 3 point percentage. Especially if he played with any combination of Hayward, Ingles, or Hood who all can handle the ball.

I am not saying give up on Trey yet, I just think Burks, Hood, and Hayward would be a fun combination to watch.

So help me understand. What are the finer points of basketball that would prevent this from working.

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