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NBA Playoffs 2015: Western Conference Finals Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors!

Two teams enter, and one goes on to the NBA Finals

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Game one and two are in the can, and the Warriors fought against a motivated Rockets, and held them off both times. This series has been much closer than the final buzzer result. This is a must win for the Rockets, and if they are unable to blast off, it could be purely academic for them, and the rest of the Western Conference at this point. I'm excited to see which Rockets team shows up as they change who they are almost every quarter. In other news, Houston has bad pollution and is very humid. And their fans are passionate people, who do not take bad news that well.

Game 3 tonight -- 7:00 PM MT on ESPN

Game 1 Writeup:

The NBA Playoffs continues with a hopefully epic Western Conference Finals battle between two teams that have won NBA Titles before: the Houston Rockets, and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors plowed through the regular season on their way to 67 wins. They did it with great shooting, great passing, and deceptively great defense. It would be rude to suggest that they smoked teams all year long, and this included the playoffs too. But they did. It was like a wood shop class. Or more like taking their opponents out to the wood shed. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bogut, and Brandon Rush are all primed to play their best when their best is demanded of them. Standing in their way to the Championship round are the Houston Rockets. They suffered through a number of injuries this season, yet still won over 50 games and earned the #2 seed in the West. James Harden can dominate a game all by himself, and having Dwight Howard actually look like Dwight again is a big plus. The bigman was the man on a team that went to the NBA Finals before, and it has taken him many years to claw his way back. Houston has a good bench, but the Warriors appear to have a great one.

During the regular season the Dubs went 4-0 on the Rockets.

Personally, if both teams could lose that would be great. But I'm just a hater like that. I feel wronged by both franchises and their fan bases. But I choose to hold onto playoff losses from the 80s, while normal human beings do not.

Game 1 tips off tonight at 7:00 PM MT on ESPN!

NBA Playoffs West Finals HOUatGSW Fan Map

What a strange distribution of fans!