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The Downbeat #1630: The Luckiest Thread Ever Edition

Can the Jazz get lucky in tonight's NBA Lottery?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I am still DYING from this.  It's hilarious.

Little known Utah Jazz fact: One of the first Jazz players Jerry Sloan coached was Tobias Funke.

ESPN has a series of articles today for every lottery team and what they should do in this year's draft.  Here is a small excerpt of the Utah Jazz's:

Major need: Utah might have the most complete starting five out of all of the lottery teams, but lack depth across the board and, specifically, a true rotation stretch big (sorry, Trevor Booker) who can come in off the bench and play alongside either Derrick Favors or Rudy Gobert.

The Utah Jazz are definitely in need of a stretch four.  Kevin Looney or Frank Kaminsky could fit that bill.  This is a fun draft for the Utah Jazz because their main needs are secondary.  They have a complete starting lineup.  Now Utah just needs to fill holes on their bench.  Exciting times to be a Jazz fan.

Rudy Gobert might not have won Most Improved Player of the Year but the folks on NBA Reddit think Rudy deserved the award.

Chad Ford says us Utah folks are a praying type of people.  What if we really put our praying to good work?

Tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery.  It's time to be wearing your most lucky item.  I got my lucky Adidas with neon green laces on.  These are the same kicks that I wore when the Jazz jumped up in the lottery last time.

Post in the comments your lucky items.  If you got a photo of your lucky charm post it in the thread.  LET'S MAKE THIS THE LUCKIEST THREAD EVER.