In my warped point of view, the worst thing about Ante Tomic not coming over to the Jazz for next season is that we won't ever get to use the awesome nickname "A-Tomic."

In your mind's eye, can't you just imagine Boler and Matty saying dumb things like "A-Tomic Bomb!" or "Tomic really nuked 'em!"--about Tomic's play during the course of a game? Now, as fans, we're going to miss out on all those "witty" phrases Boler and Harpring might have coined during this upcoming season.

However, even though we are going to miss out on all of that fun in real life--because Ante Tomic will never be an actual member of the Jazz--we can still have "some fun" by pretending Tomic actually did join the Jazz. Let's all take a moment and try to imagine/hypothesize about some of the clever "witi-cisms" Matty and Boler might have come up with, if Tomic would have actually played for the Jazz. Hit me with your best shot!

Here's mine: DAMN YOU, Ante Tomic!! You really nuked us!!

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