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The Downbeat #1638 - Necessary Acts of Violence Edition

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday our dear Layton (The Shums) posted the list of draftees working out that day. One player surprised the Jazz, according to Jazz VP of Player Personnel Walt Perrin (via Tony Jones, SL Tribune). Perrin had this to say about former Ute backup Dallin Bachynski:

"He looked good," Jazz VP of Player Personnel Walt Perrin said. "He looked really good, and the way he shot the ball surprised us. I think it surprised everyone who saw him play."

Of course Perrin isn't going to say the kid played like hot garbage, if asked to comment on Bachynski specifically, but it is good for the kid. Though he likely won't get drafted, he has other workouts and the Jazz's assessment could go far in helping him secure more, as well as a possible Summer League spot.

As previously mentioned here at SLC Dunk, Trey Burke went to represent the NBA and the Utah Jazz in the Philippines. Jared Bray of the Deseret News wrote about Trey's visit, and the effect it had on the young player.

"Humbling experience over here in the Philippines man! To see some of the conditions they live in motivates me to never complain and to work even harder for more than what I already have! I truly thank God for moments like this."

There's very little doubt that Trey has confidence in abundance. He has shown that he won't let a bad shooting game or prolonged bad shooting streak get him down. An experience like this could be great for his development as a player, and a person. One of the critiques most fans have of him is that he overestimates his own ability. Hopefully as he matures he'll be able to use humbling experiences like this to do some introspection and find his role with the Jazz and in the NBA at large.

Last night the Rockets were knocked out of the Playoffs, setting the stage for the Finals matchup between the Warriors and the Cavs. Who do you think will win? I have a hard time seeing the Cavs being able to stop the duo of Curry and Thompson. Personally, I hope the Warriors steamroll the Cavs. Yes, Warriors fans have become insufferable. Certainly, their fanbase has suddenly exploded with new followers who didn't care about the Dubs even 6 months ago (looking at you inhabitants of San Francisco). But, I just can't get past this nonsense idea that pulsates through Cleveland fanbases that makes them feel like they are somehow entitled to some glory.

The topper, though, remains the imbalance between the conferences. The playoffs in the West were much less competitive this year, but it will be nice to see a WC team enter the Finals after a less arduous trip.

If you were a child of the 90's NBA, please check out this article by the always entertaining Shea Serrano, of Grantland: That Was a Thing: Skybox Basketball Trading Cards Were Incredible

True story: In the second in-post picture, there is a Clyde Drexler card at the top of the middle row. I had this card. I coveted this card. I loved The Glide when I was a kid. I had an entire page of Drexler cards. One day a neighborhood kid came over and was looking at the cards with my brother and I. Later that day I found a bunch of cards missing. This was one of them.

My brother and I went to the kid's house and confronted him. He had a bunch of brothers. It escalated into a fight (we were like 9 and 10 at the time). We were out numbered but an amazing thing happened. My brother picked up one of those rubbermaid trash cans that was outside and brought it down over one of the neighbor kids that was going after me. The little brat was almost completely consumed by it. When I noticed this I did what any kid would and should do. I threw a front kick right to the middle of the can and knocked the kid over.

We didn't "win" the fight. The mother of those little jerks came out and broke it up. I never got the card back, either. But, I snap kicked a kid inside of a trash can, and that's worth the price of a 90-91 Skybox Clyde Drexler.

What were some of your most coveted basketball cards? Do you still have them? Did you commit acts of violence to protect them?