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Utah Jazz Summer Vacations - The Downbeat #1617

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to mince words. Other than about a combined 3 weeks during the offseason, writing these DBs is a chore. As you can imagine, there is a dearth of Jazz related information.

So, while we're sitting in limbo, waiting for the lottery, lets check in with some Jazz men.

Gordon went for a hike:

Finally got the chance to take my buddy out on a hike! #beast

A photo posted by @gdhayward on

Looks like he's still in Utah.

Trevor Booker watched that boxing match the other night:

(The fight cost $90 for standard definition, so... I guess he's not wrong)

Derrick Favors is taking a cue from the teachers of the country, and getting a summer job:

If he works really hard, he may be able to make shift supervisor by the end of the summer.

Rudy is on his celebrity blitz of Paris, this time at the beIN sports studios (You know that channel that you pay extra for, just so you can watch the occasional English football cup tournament or La Liga soccer games).

Super moment à l'Expresso chez BeIN ce matin!

A photo posted by rudy gobert (@rudygobert27) on

Today is May 4th. This is also a completely made up pop culture holiday to celebrate Star Wars because it sounds like "May the Force." I usually dislike manufactured holidays like Valentines Day, but I support this one. Go watch Star Wars. All Day. Ignore your responsibilities and just watch Star Wars all day. Tell your bosses SLC Dunk excused you. We'll take the blame (you wouldn't believe what we already get blamed for)

Here is a picture from the set of the new Star Wars movie: