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NBA Playoffs 2015: East and West leaders looking to win big in Game 2

The Wizards won game one, will the Hawks rebound? Can the Warriors go 2-0 on the Grizzlies?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA announced it's MVP -- none other than the Golden State Warriors' point guard Stephen Curry. Curry is excelling in Steve Kerr's system and I honestly don't know if there's a team out there right now that can stop them. One team that thinks it can are the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis lost game 1 of their series 101-86, and the Dubs did it with a hot start and a third quarter that gave up only 14 points. Memphis needs to control the pace of this game if they want a chance, but when Golden State is defending better than you, what hope do you have? Out East, we have game two of the Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards. Atlanta gave up home court by losing to the #5 seed back on Sunday. The longer first round series helped get the Hawks back on track, but it seems like the long break has not made the Wizards any less hungry. It's going to be exciting to see which of these two teams "wants it more". Personally, this is about as must-win as a Game 2 can get for Paul Millsap and company. You don't want to go back to D.C. down 0-2. The Toronto Raptors know what happens then.

  • Washington Wizards (1-0) @ Atlanta Hawks (0-1) -- 6:00 PM MT on TNT
  • Memphis Grizzlies (0-1) @ Golden State Warriors (1-0) -- 8:30 PM MT on TNT