Hypothetical Jazz Team

I watch former Jazz players and often think, "Man! I wish we still had them." So, I started tinkering with salary data and started putting some combinations together. I'm curious who people would pick to be on a team for a single season comprised of former Utah Jazz players since the 06-07 Western Conference Finals run who are still in the league for 2014-15. I think it would be fair to keep the team from going over the salary cap ($63,065,000). Assume we are going to use 2014-15 salary data (exception for Fes) and a roster of at most 15 players. This is very hypothetical, but I thought it could be interesting to see what combinations people come up with.

I made a google sheet HERE with all the players and salary. Copy the data into a spreadsheet and delete the player's row you don't want. When you get at most 15 players check out the sum of the salary will total at the bottom of the sheet (you might have to recalculate the sum), remember to stay under the Salary Cap.

I'd love to see what you all come up with.

Here is my team:

Player Salary Position Per
Devin Harris $3,878,000 1 14.8
Dante Exum $3,615,000 1 5.7
Bryce Cotton $152,200 1 14.5
Kyle Korver $6,253,521 2 14.8
Alec Burks $3,034,356 2 13
Rodney Hood $1,290,360 2 12.3
Gordon Hayward $14,746,000 3 20.2
DeMarre Carroll $2,442,455 3 15.9
Joe Ingles $507,336 3 9.6
Derrick Favors $12,833,333 4 21.8
Paul Millsap $9,500,000 4 20.1
Jeremy Evans $1,794,871 4 20.5
Kyrylo Fesenko $1,227,985 5 99
Rudy Gobert $1,127,400 5 21.6

Salary Cap $63,065,000

Total Salary $62,402,817

Difference $662,183

I find this team to be interesting, especially the wing mix. It could give you many different looks depending on what the situation dictated.

Thanks for humoring me. Take care everyone.

Disclaimer: I am definitely not a capologist, so I hope it is not too far off base. Also, if a player or ten are left off, I apologize.

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