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NBA Playoffs 2015: LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers, James Harden and Houston Rockets, need to steal back homecourt advantage

Two game threes tonight! Which team wants to take control?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

There are two games tonight in the NBA Playoffs, and both of them should be pretty good. The first is the #2/#3 match-up between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls. In the first two games, a split, we saw David Blatt go barely more than 7 deep in Game 1, but didn't get enough scoring from the starters; and then had LeBron James ignite in Game 1 to power his team to a 15 point victory. LeBron almost had a triple double in the first game, but I guess his scoring ability is really going to make or break this series. After all, he's the most talented guy out on the court -- and you're not going to get a lot of points from Timofey Mozgov, Kendrick Perkins, Mike Miller, or anyone else not named Kyrie Irving at this point. The loss of Kevin Love is apparent, and as the Cavs advance (possibly) the reliance on LeBron will only increase. Game 3, tonight at the United Center in Chicago isn't going to be easy. It will be a hostile environment, one that LeBron has lost in before.

The second game is the #2/#3 match-up between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers. For most of us West biased fans this is the real game to watch. Sure, there are going to be a lot of fouls called, and free throws taken (150 FTA in two games, already) it's where we get to see two of the franchises we don't like bludgeon themselves to death. James Harden and Dwight Howard have to get it done, they've had some help from Trevor Ariza and Jason Terry -- but they aren't really a complete team without a legit third star. If your "Big Three" is one that relies on Josh Smith (28.6 FG%, 16.7 3PT% so far this series) -- you're going to have a bad time. The Clippers stole home court (as the Bulls did) by winning Game 1. They need to take care of things at home, and with the way that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are currently playing it's hard to expect much of a let down in front of their "fan". I would be okay if the arena fell into the ocean tonight, though.

Exciting Game 3 Action:

  • Cavaliers @ Bulls -- 6:00 PM MT on ESPN
  • Rockets @ Clippers -- 8:30 PM MT on ESPN

Frankly, I don't like ANY of these four teams.