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The Downbeat #1651: The Dick Motta Edition

NBA Finals, Offseason for Jazz players, Dennis Lindsey and more.

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So the NBA Finals is continuing on, last night the Warriors evened the series at 2-2 with a 21 point win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. So we know the series will at least go six games. Yay more basketball.

I can only imagine how Cavs and Warriors fans are feeling right now. It's been too many years since the Jazz have been in the Finals. Yesterday Yucca shared the article in the Tribune about Steve Starks. Starks had this to say about the Jazz and a championship:

Through all of it, Starks believes the Jazz are set up to win.

"We're really poised to be competitive long term, even with the changes," he said. "That speaks to good management over the years and the health of the entire organization. We can compete. There's no reason why we can't build that consistent, winning, championship-caliber team. … We will never win by outspending the other teams in the NBA. But if we do things right and we have the process, we'll be able to compete."

Do you believe the Jazz are set up to build a "consistent, winning, championship-caliber team" and do you believe a championship is their goal?

Derrick Favors is back in Utah. Watch him workout!

Dante Exum was at a Bee's game.

Alec Burks is signing autographs for fans. So get out to Midvale and see him :)

And Rudy Gobert is once again connecting with fans:

I asked Lou if he knew what Clash of Clans was, he did, and both of my kids did. Apparently I am the only one in my family who had never heard of it before.

Dennis Lindsey is on Twitter:

Moni posted this on June 1:

So, no, we’ve, I’m on the Internet, and I’ve, every so often I’ll get a Twitter update or a Vine video of Rodney making his pull-up. I’m as interested as anybody to see his work and progress, and he’s great people…

And then this on June 7:

On his presence on Twitter
I lurk and read, but I don’t contribute for a lot of reasons. I’m getting some grief on that.

What do you think his handle is? If he actually tweets what would his tweets look like?

Dick Motta won the Chuck Daly lifetime achievement award.  Dick Motta plays an important part in Jazz history despite never coaching the Jazz. Motta has a rich history with both Jerry Sloan and Phil Johnson. Read about it here at Moni's blog.

The Chicago Bulls website has an excellent article on Motta. (Including an AWESOME PIC of Motta coaching Jerry Sloan)

Motta on his award:

“I am honored to be this year’s recipient of the NBA Coaches Association Annual Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award. Chuck was a great friend, a great coach and a true NBA legend. To receive this award from my fellow coaches and our Association is certainly an honor and very much appreciated,” said Coach Motta.

Rick Carlisle on Dick Motta:

“Dick Motta was a true NBA coaching pioneer who brought to the game a great basketball mind, with a competitive toughness. During his impactful career he has made a huge contribution to the game. Among his coaching peers and former players and students of the game he is a respected coach, teacher, mentor and an individual that personifies the best of NBA coaching,” said Dallas Mavericks head coach and National Basketball Association president Rick Carlisle.

Go read the rest, its great!

Okay so its the offseason for us Jazz fans. And truly at most we only have three more NBA games left for this season. On Wednesday night I randomly discovered an app that was totally fun and addicting. I played it all Wednesday night. I thought many of you would like it also.

All Guess the Basketball Player Celebrity Logos Trivia Quiz. See it here

You are guessing NBA players. Some of the puzzles are pretty hard and some are  super easy. You turn over tiles to guess the NBA players (fewer tiles you turn over the more points you get), their names are scrambled at the bottom of the puzzle with a few additional letters.

It is so addicting and so fun.

All guess basketball

Go download some fun for your offseason. There were a handful of current Jazz players and a handful of past Jazz players to reveal :)