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The Blow-Up Activities Edition - The Downbeat - #1651

Timm Schamberger/Getty Images
In case y'all missed it, Randy Rigby inadvertently promised blow up dolls at the Jazz summer league on 1280 yesterday:

"We’re going to have a great festival atmosphere on the plaza before the games, of sports courts, and blow-up doll--blow-up activities on the concourse. We’re gonna have foods, carts out there, a rea–we’re gonna have a lot of fun."

Any volunteers to go up to one of the Jazz execs at the summer league and ask, "Where are the blow-up dolls you promised us?"

For you troubles, I will offer up one (1) free medical consultation with Amar.

Stand-up guy Jeremy Evans is off on another Junior Jazz tour:

Do you want to see Evans back on the team next year?

If you're not watching Game of Zones (animated NBA Playoffs - Game of Thrones mashup), you're missing out. (Episode 1 (2014) - 2 (2014) - 3 (2015))

Episode 4 is a little more special for Jazz fans, because it features a Rudy Gobert cameo!

Speaking of the Jazz and the NBA playoffs, by your estimation how many seasons until the Jazz are:

-- back in the Playoffs as a low seed (5-8)

-- back in the Playoffs as a high seed (1-4)