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A Look in the Utah Jazz RVM: The Downbeat #1652

18 years ago today...

Looking Back
Looking Back
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls Box Score, June 13, 1997 | After 18 years this still hurts. June 13th, 1997 the Chicago Bulls won their 5th NBA championship defeating the Utah Jazz 90-86. Steve Kerr hit a 20 footer with about five seconds left, and the Bulls stole the following inbound pass that lead to a breakaway Kukoc dunk to seal the victory. Video Highlights of the game below.

Twitter blew up yesterday because of this...

I love Paul Millsap, but don't think chasing the ex-girlfriend is the best direction to go. I don't know what price range he is looking for (probably the max) but I don't see Paul giving us the "old home town" discount. This contract will most likely be his last long term contract, and he will be 34/35 at the end of a 4/5-year deal. Millsap's work ethic and workout routine have kept him healthy most of his career, but I look for him to get paid knowing that this will be his last chance to get a major deal.

Exum talks Dellavedova, Australian basketball - ESPN Video

Jazz guard Dante Exum talks about the influence of fellow Australian Matthew Dellavedova and the state of Australian basketball.

Happy Birthday to former Jazzman Steve Novak. Hit him up on theTwitter he is a great dude! @stevenovak16

NBA: NBA Draft: Utah Jazz - Video - Give him a follow on the Twitter here.

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