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NBA Finals 2015: LeBron James needs help from the Cleveland Cavaliers to force a Game 7 against the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors can make history tonight, or LeBron James will cement his spot in it

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that has confounded me is how so many millions of people love Michael Jordan, but hate LeBron James. The best player of their respective generations, with on-court careers partially if not mostly driven by very strong brands and media campaigns . . . they're the same guy, right? But LeBron is viewed as the bad guy while MJ is the GOAT. Lots of people forget that MJ never made it out of the 2nd round without Scottie Pippen, while LeBron has single-handedly brought some awful teams to the NBA Finals. Also, while Jordan's teammates all seem to shoot worse with him on the floor, LeBron is transmuting guys like Timofey Mozgov into someone you have to game plan for. It's absurd to me who we collectively demonize and who we collectively champion. But one thing is for certain, LeBron -- having the best individual Finals performance in a very long time -- is goin to watch the Golden State Warriors win a championship on his home court tonight, unless he gets some help from his Cleveland Cavaliers team mates.

Before this series started I predicted Dubs in 6. Tonight is the night they get it done, according to most of the world. LeBron, though, seems to will his teams to Game 7s in the NBA Finals. It'll be very interesting to see which media messages will prevail after tonight. After all, the Miami Heat didn't win it all in his first year there either.

The Warriors won 67 games this year, ran away with the very tough Western Conference early, and have played championship level ball for months now. I'm still not going to root for a Don Nelson franchise ever, though. Even if I think they're going to win. (Part of being an adult is realizing that being right and being happy are two different things.)

If it all ends tonight the MVP of this series should be LeBron James. While Golden State has earned this title, he has earned that award.