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The Downbeat #1657 - Utah Jazz Mock Drafts

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: I haven't followed anything leading up to the draft. I haven't read the interviews. No ESPN chats with Kevin Pelton. No Draft Express videos. I am very happy about this. For the first time in awhile, it doesn't feel like everything is riding on the draft. The number 12 pick this year will be the chance for a nice addition to the team.

Now. Since Amar, who is usually a workhorse, has had a busy summer, here is an assembly of mock drafts for your perusal (and for me to get caught up. That's a little thing called multitasking).

First up, ESPN:

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Thanks to, we know the picks. Ford has the Jazz taking-

Myles Turner, PF (Texas)

A few days ago Shums talked about Myles Turner. Turner has been linked strongly to the Pacers and Jazz. The Pacers are one pick in front of the Jazz. Seen this movie?

Moving on...

Draft Express

The hardworking people at DX have the Jazz taking-

Frank Kaminsky, PF (Wisconsin)

You know the reasons why (and don't say big white guy). He fits a couple of needs and showed promise in the NCAA tourney (The Jazz love tourney performances, right Trey? Gordon?)

It's a little old (6/10), but up next-

Chris Mannix's latest (Probably busy covering boxing) has a surprise falling to the Jazz-

Willie Cauley-Stein, C (Kentucky)

What say you? This seems like it would be a no-brainer for the Jazz. Right? No really, I'm not sure. He seems to be a defensive minded Center that could work great in a second unit with more offensive minded wings (Trey).

Chugging along...

Friend of the blog Scott Howard-Cooper has the Jazz selecting-

Frank Kaminsky, PF (Wisconsin)

This is quite old (5/20), because NBA Finals reasons. However, also does a very thorough Consensus Mock Draft. This one has the Jazz getting Myles Turner.

After reading the thoughts of the experts, and some careful consideration, I have decided that what I want to hear on draft night is....

"With the 12th pick, the Utah Jazz select [insert any name]"