On a flight with rondae hollis-jefferson w/ pic

He had a Wizards workout today and another with the Jazz tomorrow. Was nice enough to have a real conversation with me and ask about my Jazz fandom. Even expressed how 'impressive' it was that Stock and Malone were top or near top in assists, steals, points, and rebounds. Talked about where he's from and the process of the draft. Says he felt he'd have the best career out of anyone in this draft. Confident he can be an elite defender. Post skills are already there. Says he's working on the jumper. He might be a good fit if a bit high for the #12.

Great person though. Need more of them on the Jazz. Got a pic but haven't figured out how to post from my phone...

Here it is:

rondae hollis-jefferson RHJ

In that special zone between humble and confident (To avoid confusion: He's the one on the left.)

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