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Will the Real G Time Please Stand Up?

Before Gordon Hayward, there was Gordon Giricek ;)

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

2015 Draft Preview: Utah Jazz by Taylor Hallstrom of Today's Fastbreak. Follow Taylor on twitter here  @tshallstrom

Amongst the four big men listed above, Frank Kaminsky likely represents the best fit for Utah, as he has both the size and versatility to defend the power forward and center positions, and the shooting touch to stretch defenses out beyond the three-point arc. He also, unfortunately for the Jazz, is the prospect most likely to be off the board at pick No. 12.

The NBA draft is so difficult to predict. Some have us taking Kaminsky, others have us missing out on him and...

The Oddsmakers have us taking...

.Gordon Hayward shared this pic on his Instagram the other day. With a #Captionthis hashtag.

G Hayward's baby

Joe Ingles replied with.

Speed Kills. Dante has a lot of work to do, but these three vines give me hope.

There are times when I search for something through Google wondering,"Would someone really sit and watch all of his games and put a montage together?" Today I found the answer. Happy Birthday Gordon Giricek The original G Time. Hope you can sense the sarcasm.