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The Downbeat #1660: The Week the Jazz Draft a Superstar!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a new week, everyone! The first week of the offseason; no NBA basketball played. But this does not mean the excitement's over, this is the week where the Jazz have a shot of finding their missing piece to complement this roster on their way to their first championship!

SLCDunk hopes that everyone had a nice Father's Day, here is the Utah Jazz twitter feed with some of the Jazz dads:

If last season was the season of hope, what will the next one resemble? Last season really was not looking all that promising in regards to our roster at some points in this season, but after the Kanter-trade and inserting the Destroyer of Worlds and Eater of Freaking with Humans Rudy Gobert into the starting lineup, our team had the best defense in the NBA! That is what wins championships, folks!

While we debate this offseason what this team's ceiling is, and how far will we make it this season, let us remember to regularly and thoroughly enjoy the exciting moments our team already experienced last season.

Here's some sick highlights that our Vanilla Cobra G-time displayed last season:

Our team really started to gel and build some serious chemistry together this year. I think this team was ready for some changes, the Jazz front office and GM made those changes to allow for a new coach in Quin Snyder to begin positively molding this team into a dangerous force that will be giving other teams nightmares for years to come.

Hayward, Favors, and Gobert are already forces to be reckoned with. Many of us are hoping that Burks has a bounceback year following his injury-hampered season. Jazz fans are also hoping that our soon-to-be sophomores continue to make the next steps towards playing playoff-level basketball.

One player that got left out of the main rotation of playing meaningful minutes last season yet still holds a special place in many Jazz fans' hearts is Jeremy Evans. I'm personally rooting for him to continue to make it in the NBA with his absurd athleticism, but at this point it seems the odds are still somehow against him of breaking into the rotation here next season.

Also, it should be noted that he is an unrestricted free agent this summer and can go to any team. Despite this, Jeremy is still showing his Jazzman side and still wants to participate in the Jr. Jazz program this summer even with the high chances of him being on another team months from now.

Read more about Evans' desire to help out the community here: Free agent Evans still up for small-town Jr. Jazz camp circuit

Speaking of free agency, here is the infamous Bleacher Report with their list of the top 5 free agents per position: NBA Free Agents 2015: Ranking Top 5 Players at Every Position

If you're like me and prefer not clicking through so many pages just to get through a story here is their list by position:

Point Guards:

1. Goran Dragic (Player Option)

2. Brandon Knight (Restricted FA)

3. Reggie Jackson (Restricted FA)

4. Patrick Beverly (Restricted FA)

5. Rajon Rondo (Unrestricted FA)

Shooting Guards:

1. Jimmy Butler (Restricted FA)

2. Dwyane Wade (Player Option)

3. Monta Ellis (Player Option)

4. Danny Green (Unrestricted FA)

5. Wesley Matthews (Unrestriced FA)

Small Forwards:

1. LeBron James (Player Option)

2. Kawhi Leonard (Restricted FA)

3. Tobias Harris (Restricted FA)

4. DeMarre Carroll (Unrestricted FA)

5. Luol Deng (Player Option)

Power Forwards:

1. LaMarcus Aldridge (Unrestricted FA)

2. Kevin Love (Player Option)

3. Draymond Green (Restricted FA)

4. Paul Millsap (Unrestricted FA)

5. Khris Middleton (Restricted FA)


1. Marc Gasol (Unrestricted FA)

2. Tim Duncan (Unrestricted FA)

3. DeAndre Jordan (Unrestricted FA)

4. Brook Lopez (Player Option)

5. Greg Monroe (Unrestricted FA)

Anybody have any favorites in that group? Will the Jazz make a big play for any of these players this summer? Only time will tell...

Since the draft is this week, I may as well remind everyone why Kelly Oubre Jr. is my choice: