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Happy Birthday Rudy Gobert!

Can you believe he's only JUST 23 years old?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Today Utah Jazz starting center / full-time Gobzilla, Rudy Gobert, turns the big 2-3. He has caused so much destruction upon the NBA in his young life already, and back in the day the Jazz used to draft guys routinely older than him. We love him and support him no matter what, because we know that Rudy gives 100% on the court, all of the time. And he's not just satisfied to win. He's happiest when he makes the other team lose. It's a killer instinct that sets him apart from a lot of the other centers in the league right now. Those guys are big, get paid, and while they have athletic gifts -- they only seem to want to make highlight plays. Rudy is motivated to be one of the best to ever play the game.

I hope his fire is infectious and gets the rest of the team to work as hard as he does.

But at least for one day, his birthday, he should take it easy. Relax. Eat some good food. And destroy your enemies this autumn.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bonne Fête à toi

And guys, best Rudy Gobert poem in the comments section wins a prize!