What are the Jazz missing?

Hey everybody. It's been awhile since I've been on the website, but I was curious as to what the majority of Jazz Nation was thinking about this topic.

What exactly is it that the Jazz are missing as a team? It seems like we have a legit piece at every position; we just are missing development from the PG spot. The jury is still out on whether Dante Exum will pan out (give the guy some time, he's only 19).

A hear a lot of rumblings on Twitter that the Jazz need to make a move/trade for a vet point guard. Someone along the lines of a Jrue Holiday or a Ty Lawson. For me, though, I think we just need to stand pat. I'm almost positive trading for a guy like that would mean we would have to surrender someone important like Derrick Favors and/or Rodney Hood. I'm not comfortable parting with anyone except maybe Trey Burke, Alec Burks (if the deal were right), or Trevor Booker.

What's the word on SLC Dunk? Do we stand pat and see what develop? Or do we get aggressive and trade for a star piece?

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