Second Round Prospects

We have the 42nd and the 54th pick. I am not a scout so am relying a lot on for rankings. I figured draftexpress will probably be within + or - about 5 spots of where a player might be picked. So I went and watched all available scouting videos for the players from 37th to 59th for our 42nd and 54th pick and thought I'd share my favorites and why. With a lot of these players Draftexpress didn't have scouting videos but rather just the interview that they did at the combine. I went and scoured youtube and tried to link good videos where i could. Some language in some of the videos, sorry.

Players I like

Richaun Holmes-Richaun has an abundance of athleticism. Looks like he plays 3/4/5. I picture him as a counterpoint to Rudy and a backup big. There wasn't a scouting video but rather just his combine interview. I youtube'd other videos on him. I really really really like this kid. Hope we grab him. He would be about a perfect back up big in my mind. Here is the best video of him that I could find. He seems to be a bit of stretch big. Looks like he use to be a wing player that outgrew the position. This kid is the one I want and hope he is there at 42.

Dakari Johnson-limited post moves but seems to be a bit of a bruiser. Where Gobert is tall, thin and more of an offensive threat, Dakari would be a good off the bench bruiser (aka Cooley) with a bit more size to him. NOT A STRETCH BIG.

Big Al Williams- Small height but a big guy who gets a lot of rebounds. Feels a lot like Paul Millsap/Booker with an extra 40 pounds. We already have Booker but and this is the role I picture this guy fitting. So probably won't draft, but I just like him as a player. There was very little video of him so not a whole heck of a lot to go on. But his nickname is Big Al.....c'mon.

Michael Qualls. Is a wing player, great athletic ability, high energy. Great off the bench player that would cause mayhem for the other team for 10-12 minutes. Would love, love to get him with either 42 or 54

Joe Young. Point guard- basically a slightly taller, less athletic Bryce Cotton.

Any ways the two that I would love to somehow get with 42 and 54 are Richaun Holmes and Michael Qualls. Richaun Holmes was my favorite and I'm kinda growing enamored with him as a pick and will be beating the drum a little bit for him. Thanks and have a great day.

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