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NBA Finals 2015: Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers

First one to four wins . . . and wins it all!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Finals starts tonight, and it's pretty much been a given that it would be the Golden State Warriors hosting, as they ran away with the Western Conference sometime back in Q1 (or earlier). The Eastern Conference was harder to predict, but the best team, the Atlanta Hawks, couldn't get past the overt star power of the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. While the Warriors had to fight to get here, the Cavaliers looked to have had an easier trip up to this point. Though, the Cavaliers are waaaay more banged up at this point, being without Anderson Varejao and Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving hobbling. The Golden State Warriors have Klay Thompson cleared to play, but that's really it. This is going to be a battle of overpowering star power, with Stephen Curry and LeBron James both set up to do miraculous things on the court. Steve Kerr and David Blatt are both very good coaches, and both teams have some bench power -- but I don't think many people are seriously going to follow theses finals. Like the participants, the outcome seems to be a given.

My prediction: Warriors in six