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The Elephant vs. Giant Man Edition - The Downbeat - #1643

Kyrylo Fesenko via Instagram

And the draft workouts keep marching on. Here's what two of the draft prospects that worked out for the Jazz yesterday had to say about Quin Snyder and the Jazz coaching staff:

Bobby Portis: They really pay attention to detail. They really helped me out a lot on my shooting, it's, my footwork even in the short time here. So they, they're really helpful and real good coaches and I improved since I've been here.

Pat Connaughton: The biggest thing for me is just learning things I can work on my game, and just, you know, working with him for a short period of time, it was amazing the things that I learned.

Can't wait to see what Quin Snyder does with the Jazz with a full year of head coaching experience under his belt.

Has this been posted already?

Click through to see John (and Don) Stockton, comic book hero.

Who is more scared, the man of feeding the elephant or the elephant of the giant man?

A Fesenko Friday, for old time's sake? Caption this: Antoine Carr's tears. The amazing Delta Center crowd outside its natural habitat. Smiling John Stockton, getting a ride home from Jeff Hornacek. Horny trying to get Stockton to stick his head out the sunroof. Third-person Karl Malone. Rod Zundel and Craig Bolerjack with a lot of hair.