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NBA Finals 2015: Golden State Warriors look to go up 2-0 on the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Golden State Warriors are three wins away from a title. Is it going to be easy?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Usually the team that wins Game 1 of the NBA Finals almost always wins the series. As Utah Jazz fans we know this doesn't mean it's a given. Sure, the Cleveland Cavaliers look to be outmatched, outgunned, and on the run in this series -- but we seem to be all too dismissive of how pounding they gave the Golden State Warriors in the first quarter of Game one. A game they only lost because it went to Overtime and their second best player got hurt. Injuries are going to be a problem, and LeBron James is going to spend the rest of this series avoiding regicide as Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and all of their vet bigs are hurt, injured, or out for the season. Steve Kerr has his team of gunners playing really well, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, even guys like Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut had big moments in Game 1. But there are few truths to the universe. One of them is said best by The Wire antihero Omar:

Yeah. LeBron knows that the only way his team is going to win is if he is having one of those types of games. David Blatt has a lot more experience with winning as a coach than Steve Kerr is, and Kerr has to make fewer adjustments. But this Cleveland team becomes both very dangerous and very hard to predict right now. LeBron is the only given. And as far as givens go, as one of the 10 best players to ever play the game, you still can't just assume he's going to take the loss. The Dubs are still going to have to earn the other three Ws they need in this series.