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NBA Finals 2015: Cleveland Cavaliers host Golden State Warriors in pivotal Game 3

I don't think anyone felt like these two teams would have gone to Overtime twice, in Oakland !

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Finals resumes tonight as the two teams shift from playing out West to being in the Great Lakes region. I don't think anyone expected the Golden State Warriors to be tied at this point. They were the best team in the league this year, and the Cleveland Cavaliers limped into the NBA Finals -- and then lost another starter during Game 1. The Dubs lost only twice at home during the regular season, then three more times during the Western Conference Playoffs. Losing five at home all season is very impressive on their way to the NBA Finals. And now, at the Oracle, the Cavs have taken them to Overtime twice -- and a few bounces here or there -- could have stolen more than just home court, but their very hearts.

For reals. Cleveland could be up 2-0 going into Game 3.

But by the same token, So could Golden State.

It's been that close.

Will we have another close game tonight; or is it impossible to expect things to continue as they have. Can LeBron James continue to play at this ridiculously high level? Can Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry both continue to be on or off and never play at their best at the same time? Will the Dub's Bench finally click in the Finals and run up the score? Can Matthew Dellavedova continue to be the next re-incarnation of Alvin Robertson? Lots of questions. Lots of answers will be had tonight.

While the winner of the 1st game of the NBA Finals usually wins the title (not the case for our Utah Jazz in 1998, or the Lakers in 1991), it's not a given. Though, the winner of Game 3 almost always wins.

It's going to be a fun game.

It will be on ABC at 7:00 PM MT.