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Las Vegas Summer League 2015: Minnesota Timberwovles vs. Utah Jazz

Game two of the Las Vegas Summer League! WOO!

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


It's game two of the Las Vegas Summer League for our Utah Jazz guys. And can you believe it? The team has already played four summer league games (three in Utah), and after tonight, could only have two more left. Harsh. What are we going to do for the rest of the summer? Dwell on how poorly some of our guards choose to shoot? Anyway, before we get there we still have game action to watch, digest, and enjoy. And more than that, we have some good players who'll be playing tonight that we can salivate over. Our opponent tonight will be the Minnesota Timberwolves. The T-Wolves are 1-1 in Vegas so far, and they'll be looking to win another one and go 2-1 in the prelim rounds. The Jazz, who dropped a winnable game to the Miami Heat, need this game just as much. No word on if Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, or Grant Jerrett are going to play. But if one of them was going to play, it would be Hood. And if there was a game out there where you would play him, it could be tonight. Here are the rosters:

Minnesota Timberwolves Utah Jazz
Player Category Rnd # Draft Team Player Category Rnd # Draft Team
1 Karl-Anthony Towns "Name" Rookie 1 1 2015 MIN Trey Lyles "Name" Rookie 1 12 2015 UTA
2 Zach LaVine Drafted 1 13 2014 MIN Dante Exum Drafted 1 5 2014 UTA
3 Lorenzo Brown Drafted 2 52 2013 MIN Rodney Hood Drafted 1 23 2014 UTA
4 Adreian Payne Drafted 1 15 2014 ATL Jared Cunningham Drafted 1 24 2012 CLE
5 Brady Heslip Undrafted 1415 JaJuan Johnson Drafted 1 27 2011 NJN
6 Othyus Jeffers Undrafted 1314 Grant Jerrett Drafted 2 40 2013 POR
7 C.J. Williams Other Olivier Hanlan Drafted 2 42 2015 UTA
8 Ivan Aska Other Bryce Cotton Undrafted 1415
9 Jordan Morgan Other Chris Johnson Undrafted 1415
10 Kyle Karone Other Jack Cooley Undrafted 1415
11 Nick Wiggins Other Brock Motum Other
12 Sam Thompson Other J.J. O'Brien Other
13 Tyler Stone Other Jesse Morgan Other
14 Tyus Jones Other Nick Russell Other
15 Wesley Saunders Other

The game starts at 8:30 PM MT on NBA TV. You can also watch it at, methinks.