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The Two Roster Spots Edition - The Downbeat - #1681

1. Trevor Booker

2. Trey Burke

3. Alec Burks

4. Dante Exum

5. Derrick Favors

6. Rudy Gobert

7. Gordon Hayward

8. Rodney Hood

9. Joe Inges

10. Trey Lyles

11. Elijah Millsap

12. Raul Neto

13. Tibor Pleiss

That leaves two roster spots.

A) Which of the following do you think the Jazz will give the two spots to?

B) Which of the following would you give the two spots to?

--Jack Cooley

--Bryce Cotton

--Olivier Hanlan

--Grant Jerrett

--Chris Johnson

--J.J. O'Brien

From Ball Don't Lie:

Are you a Michael Jordan fan with tens of thousands of dollars in disposal income? Do you need a basketball hoop for your private indoor court and/or backyard? Are you willing to tell anyone who will listen why your basket is special and not like the others? Then we have the auction item for you!

Heritage Auctions is currently auctioning off the basket, backboard, and stanchion used at the east end of EnergySolutions Arena (then the Delta Center) during Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

How much would someone have to pay you to install this at your house?

Caption this!

quin dl

Mailman still got it. He's wearing a Utah Jazz t-shirt, so it's an unbelievable function.

Another two-part question:

-- Which Jazz player would you most want to hang out in Vegas with?

-- Which Jazz player would be the biggest party pooper?