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Downbeat #1689: The "Haywards and Burks and Gamewinners, Oh My!" Edition

Last week of July! You know what that means.... only 3 months until NBA Regular season starts!!!!!!!!!!!! Hayward Team USA news, Burks with NBA Fit Week, and a reliving of some of the best Jazz gamewinners in history in today's awe-inspiring edition of the Downbeat!

Day 5: Some ever vigilant fans are starting to notice, but it's too late to stop this madness now! Phase 2 of Operation Derrick Favors SLCDunk Takeover will soon commence
Day 5: Some ever vigilant fans are starting to notice, but it's too late to stop this madness now! Phase 2 of Operation Derrick Favors SLCDunk Takeover will soon commence
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to your daily fix of Jazz-related content as we continue to push through the annual famine of NBA action.

Looks like our only surviving member of the D-Will era Jazz is continuing to thrive and exceed expectations as a 9th pick in the draft as he continues to compete with the best of the best for Team USA:

It is yet to be seen if Hayward will be able to overcome the odds and make the main prestigious Team USA squad in the 2016 Olympics but he's on the right track to give himself a fighting chance.

Make us proud Gordon, we're rooting for you!

. Alec Burks is also getting in on the summer action by participating in NBA Fit week:

If we have any Jazz or Burks fans who live in the Philippines, this may be your best chance to catch a glimpse of greatness as well as get taught a thing or two about licking your lips with Zeus-like confidence as well as how to be #2cool4school while driving to the rack.

Also, maybe Burks can do some recruiting during the week to try to convince the recently unemployed Shaw to be an assistant coach for the Jazz this season. Your thoughts?

What are the Jazz's top gamewinners of all time? There probably is little in the way for the best gamewinner in Jazz history being the shot that Stockton sunk to send the Jazz to the Finals for the first time:

This shot is one of my earliest memories of Jazz fandom, I can't believe it's been over 18 years since then already!

I was just shy of turning 6 and I was at church on a Thursday evening for some reason.

After the service, all the Jazz fans in the congregation went to another room and surrounded a little 20"ish TV.

I remember the big deal it was to everyone witnessing the history being made as Stockton willed that shot to send us to the Finals!



The room went into hysterics -- there were so many of us huddled in that small little room that many of us were drenched in sweaty dress shirts and other church clothes by the time that game was over.

Jazz fans can be crazy. This is one of the reasons why the Delta Center (or whatever it's being called these days) long had a reputation of being THE hardest arena to play in the NBA.

Here's to hoping the Jazz reclaim the prominence they once had very soon.

Moving on, here is someone's top 5 list of Jazz gamewinners of the last couple seasons:

Love the passion Favors shows after dunking on the Lakers!

And to take it back a couple more seasons, enjoy a dash of Sundiata!

And here is a bonus since it technically was not a gamewinner, but goes down as one of the most memorable moments of recent Jazz history for me, a little Millsap Miracle in Miami:

In that video is 3 of the 31 three pointers that Millsap ever made on the Jazz in his 7 seasons with us. Anybody want to guess how many he has made in just 2 seasons with the Hawks?

I'll give you a disheartening clue: He's made more 3 pointers in the last 2 seasons than the Jazz have wins since Sloan retired.