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The Downbeat #1691: The World Wide [Utah] Jazz

From Johannesburg to Manilla to Paris to Melbourne. The Jazz are worldwide.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

WHA???? A MyLo article and a MyLo downbeat all in the SAME DAY?  In the offseason???  You bet your banana stand loving belly it is.  Let's downbeat.

In continuing our Derrick Favors' loving offseason it wouldn't be right without starting off with Favors.  He's back in the gym.  Or as he calls it, "The Lab."  Get working, Mad Scientist.  It's time to turn the Block Brothers into the Super Smash Bros.

Back in the lab #grind

A photo posted by Derrick Favors (@dfavors14) on

Also bonus points to whoever does the best photoshop mashup of the Jazz and Super Smash Bros.

Looking to add to your Jazz gear collection?  Don't worry, it looks like Levelwear has you taken care of.

I do say they're missing a Rodney Hood "Prince of Threes" shirt and an Alec Burks "Government Name" t-shirt.

It looks like Alec Burks is doing amazing work in the Philippines.

We're just counting down the days of the #ReturnofAB.

Don't worry everybody we won't be basketball starved for much longer.  Eurobasket is on its way.  With our very own Rudy Gobert.

Let's not forget about Utah's Trey Burke doing great things in Africa with Basketball Without Borders.  Here he is with Bradley Beal.  It's nice to see all members of the Jazz being ambassadors of the Jazz brand and just good ambassadors period.  Keep up the great work.

In case you missed it ...

I'm going to put in a shameless plug for my article last night.  If you have a chance check out how The Utah Jazz Are Cool.