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The Return of AB - The Downbeat #1692

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Alec Burks took over the Twitter account of NBA Philippines (@NBA_Philippines) to answer some fan questions. Here are some of the good ones:

It didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Alec needs to work on his Twitter game (or the person doing the responding for him). Also, I didn't see one question from a Filipino fan.

Alec spoke with the media today. Here are some snippets from CNN Philippines:

On last season:

In an interview with Filipino journalists during the NBA FIT Week campaign in Manila, Burks said that he was nevertheless pleased for his teammates’ success.

"It’s bittersweet, you know, it’s my teammates and you want the best for them," said Burks. "But, you know, I wish I was out there playing with them."

On his injury recovery:

"Man, I think it’s at 100%. I just got cleared probably like a couple of weeks ago," said Burks. "We’re gonna build on our second half of the season’s success, I just can’t wait to, you know, get back to start training camp."

Alec seems to be a quiet guy, so it's good to hear from him.

In an ESPN 5 on 5 post, some of the writers for's NBA site were asked to make predictions ahead of the 15-16 season. When asked "Which West team will make the biggest jump?", Brian Windhorst said this, about the Jazz:

Windhorst: OKC is probably the best answer because of insane injury issues. But I'm looking forward to seeing what the Jazz do. They were transformed defensively after they moved Rudy Gobert in as a starter, and they'll get Alec Burks back. If last season was a little longer, they'd have been in the playoffs because they were charging.

Yesterday Danté played with the Australian National Team against Lithuania, in an International Friendly... barely. From Tony Jones' (SL Trib) recap:

Simply put, Exum was held on the shortest of leashes.

Exum played less than 20 minutes, and most of it was at shooting guard. The Boomers ended up losing after a 4th quarter push by the Lithuanians; a quarter in which Exum didn't play.

The Boomers play Lithuania again on Saturday. The games are part of a buildup to the qualifiers for the Olympics.

Finally, I'll just leave this here:

#JazzNation is worldwide !

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